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M2M Genesis Communication Platform - Underglass Modules

The M2M Genesis Communication Platform is enabled through an intelligent underglass meter module that is the first to support 4G/LTE connectivity with the major wireless carriers.

This 3rd generation design provides an advanced Linux application processor subsystem that has been carefully architected for use in critical infrastructure environments. The high speed processor subsystem is sized to provide the computational speed and memory to meet the requirements of the most demanding real-time applications and utilizes hardware acceleration to ensure support for the most sophisticated cryptographic requirements.

Unique to the Genesis platform is an application sandbox that can be used to deploy advanced applications under-the-glass of the meter. Through these distributed applications the meter can become a powerful tool within the SmartGrid providing far more than simple consumption and demand data.

Finally, through the inclusion of an optional 802.11 a.b.g WiFi radio, the M2M Genesis Module can serve as a cellular to WiFi bridge/access point and can be used to communicate with, or control, various WiFi equipped peripherals within the system.

Genesis Underglass Module for the L+G Focus

The M2M Genesis Module for the L+G Focus meter family is the first of many M2M Genesis Platform modules slated for development. This fully contained module is designed to be easily installed within the Focus meter using the OEM provided mounting attachment points.

  • 4G/LTE Cellular Connectivity
  • Linux Processor Subsystem
  • Support for VPN
  • Secure web services interface
  • TCP/IP to serial server
  • Application sandbox and package manager
  • Wide range AC/DC Power Supply
  • 8kV Surge Withstand
  • Outage Notification
  • Tamper Detect